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The FAA provides instructions for filing a petitionPetition — A formal letter requesting an action from the FAA that must be filed in accordance with 14 CFR part 11. for exemptionExemption — A formal document issued in response to a petition that relieves or denies relief for the petitioner from the requirements of a particular section of 14 CFR. or rulemaking at  Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) § 11.81 is reproduced here, in pertinent part, to provide information you need to know before submitting a petition for exemption.  Click on a for further information.

Petition for Exemption 14 CFR § 11.81

If you have completed your research and determined you need an exemption, you must send a petition for exemption 120 days before you need the exemption to take effect.  Your petition for exemption must include—

Your name and mailing address.  You may include other contact information such as a fax number, telephone number, or email address;

The specific section or sections of 14 CFR from which you seek an exemption;

The extent of relief you seek and the reason you seek the relief;

How your request would benefit the public as a whole;

Reasons why the exemption would not adversely affect safety, or how the exemption would provide a level of safety at least equal to the existing rule;

A summary we can publish in the Federal RegisterFederal Register — The daily Federal Register contains four categories of documents: regulations (rules), proposed rules, notices, and Presidential documents. Rules published in the Federal Register keep the CFR current. Proposed rules solicit public comment on an agency's rules and encourage public participation in the rulemaking process. Notices provide information of interest to the public. stating—

  • The ruleRule — A regulation written by the FAA to enact a statute. The FAA may grant an exemption from a rule, but not from a statute. from which you seek the exemption; and
  • A brief description of the exemption you seek;

Any additional information, views, or arguments available to support your request; and

If you want to exercise the privileges of your exemption outside the United States, you must state the reason.


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